Pride Parade

Gentle PRIDE Series: Thursdays in June @ 7:15pm

Celebrate PRIDE with Katie in a gentle yoga class

A breath-based class that is suitable for all bodies and all levels of experience.  Our 2022 PRIDE series is dedicated to honoring, celebrating, and uplifting our LGBTQIA+ community through breath, movement, and affirming meditation. All proceeds donated to the Trevor Project.


Ashtanga Foundations

Saturdays in August, 10-11:30am

Join Megan for a 4-week course to explore the Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga, a dynamic, breath-based practice. This course is designed for those brand new to yoga, or for those who want to deepen their current practice. We will start by learning the tristana of Ashtanga Yoga: breath, bandhas (internal locks in the body), & drishti (eye gaze). We will work through the beginning portion of the Ashtanga practice: starting with Sun Salutations, and moving through the Fundamental Asanas. Then we will start to uncover the Primary Series.

Ashtanga Yoga is not an easy practice, but it can be approachable and a healing practice for all bodies. We will offer modifications for all postures so you can make the practice work specifically for you and your body. 

Email Megan to reserve your spot


Sound Meditation

June 3, 2022

Join Alan Kuhl on a journey of sound and healing through the use of many different overtone instruments such as Singing Bowls and Gongs, as well as through the use of mantra meditation. Expect to be immersed in sound, relax on your mat, and explore what is Here.

Tickets are $25, are nonrefundable, and must be purchased in advance. Limited spaces are available. Please bring a mat, a cushion, and anything else you might need to be comfortable.