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Ashtanga Yoga

Breath-based yoga. Mindful movement. Intentional practice.

Sattva began as a place for Ashtanga practitioners here in York, PA. But what is Ashtanga Yoga? Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga established by T. Krishnamacharya designed to purify the body through breath and movement to bring stillness to the mind. It is a practice that can be approached with any body, as long as there is an intention to learn and a 1-month commitment to learning the practice. There are a few ways we practice Ashtanga Yoga at Sattva:

  • Mysore-Style Ashtanga Yoga is the traditional method of teaching Ashtanga yoga: 1-on-1 within a group setting. No prior yoga experience is necessary, only a commitment to grow and learn in the practice. Students work independently on the particular series of postures that is most appropriate for them. The teacher assists, adjusts and may quietly discuss particular difficulties or concerns with individual students during class. Beginners and those new to Ashtanga are welcome to start anytime and in any Mysore class (PRE-REGISTRATION IS A MUST), but please read the FAQs.

  • Led Primary Series: NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS. In a Led Primary Series class, students are led through the Primary Series in connection with their breath. Because we move with the breath and we move dynamically in the body, this is a physically challenging class. It is only meant for those that are regularly practicing Ashtanga Yoga, not for drop-ins or beginners.

  • Self-Practice: NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS. This class is for regular Ashtanga practitioners only. It is meant to be a silent class, where students just move and breathe on their own. There will be no guidance or adjustments from a teacher.


Ashtanga Membership at Sattva

Ashtanga requires a dedicated commitment to practice, meaning you are at Sattva roughly 3x/week to learn, integrate, and continue to grow in your practice. You can drop in for a Mysore class to see what it's about ($20), but if you are serious about learning Ashtanga, you will need to pay a monthly tuition. Cost is $115-$150/month, depending on your ability to pay. Scholarships are available for those that are serious about learning.

Meet our Ashtanga Teachers

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