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Private Lessons & Bodywork w/ Megan

Private Classes & Yoga/Bodywork Sessions with Megan Grandinetti


Private Lessons

Private yoga lessons are great for beginners to yoga, for regular practitioners that are looking for a more personalized way to work on their practice, or for those with injuries or physical limitations that could make attending group classes difficult. No matter what physical age, fitness level, size, shape, gender, race, or ethnicity you are, Megan is always happy to work with you.

$108 for one hour, one person
$150 for 2-5 people 
$195 for 5-10 people

Yoga Class

Yoga/Bodywork Sessions

Megan learned Ayurvedic massage in India, and has been a practitioner of bodywork since 2017, alongside her teaching practice. Megan now offers sessions that combine her keen eye for movement with her healing touch. What to expect: Megan will have you work on a few relaxing poses on your mat (fully clothed), with a strong focus on breath and micro-movements that can bring both awareness and relief to your body. As you move through your gentle yoga practice, Megan will also use her hands to help guide and release the body's tension, from the head all the way to the feet. 

$108 for a session, lasts roughly an hour, maybe a bit more depending on what your body needs for release.

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