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Bodywork & Private Lessons w/ Megan

Intuitive bodywork and One-On-One Yoga with Megan Grandinetti


Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is sometimes called the "sister science" to yoga. It is a holistic approach to wellness based on one's body type, or dosha. Megan studied Ayurvedic massage in India, a type of bodywork done with oils and in a specific direction to help promote the flow of energy and provide balance to the body. Megan uses her training and years of working with the body to create a deep, intuitive bodywork experience.

$90 for one hour
$125 for 90 minutes


Private Lessons

Private yoga lessons are great for beginners to yoga, for regular practitioners that are looking for a more personalized way to work on their practice, or for those with injuries or physical limitations that could make attending group classes difficult. No matter what physical age, fitness level, size, shape, gender, race, or ethnicity you are, Megan is always happy to work with you.

$95 for one hour 

(Contact Megan for group rates.)

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