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How to Be School:
Yamas & Niyamas

Saturday,June 17th


Pay what you are able.

The Yamas and Niyamas were laid out for us by Patanjali, the father of classical yoga, who gave us an 8-limbed path of yoga meant to lead us to liberation. Out of our minds, into our bodies, and into our Selves. The first two limbs of that path are not the asanas (or physical postures) we do in yoga classes, but rather, are moral and ethical guideposts that light our way as yogis on “how to be” in this world. This workshop is a continuation of a previous discussion, but you don't have to have attended the others to benefit from this wisdom & sharing. 


This is recommended for all serious yoga practitioners to start to learn these as part of your sadhana, or spiritual path. Bring a pen, a notebook, and an open heart as we dive into these gems of wisdom together. FREE for monthly members; all others are encouraged to pay what they are able ($5-$20).

Balancing Rocks

Teen Yoga Camps

Session 1: June 26-June 30, 11:30am-1pm
Session 2: July 10-14, 11:30am-1pm 

 $95 per session

This 5-Day Yoga Camp is tailored for school-aged teenagers (ages 13-18) and offers a fun experience that cultivates confidence, enhances social and emotional development, and teaches skills that can last a lifetime. We will educate teens on how yoga can transform the body and the mind, using movement, mindfulness, and breath. Benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, balance, and alignment, strengthening of muscles, body awareness, and relaxing of the mind.

Yoga is a useful tool on its own, or as a great complement to other athletics. These yoga camps will accommodate all skill levels, including beginners. 

Cost is $95 per session, and includes a full 5-day immersion into yoga at Sattva with Alicia Jones, yoga teacher and mom to 7


Sound Meditation

Friday, July 7th



Join Alan Kuhl on a journey of sound and healing through the use of many different overtone instruments such as Singing Bowls and Gongs, as well as through the use of mantra meditation. Expect to be immersed in sound, relax on your mat, and explore what is Here.

Tickets are $25. Please consider purchasing in advance, as space is limited. Please bring a blanket or dress in layers. 

Yoga for Beginners

Sunday, July 9th

Are you new to yoga and want to learn more in a safe and approachable setting before you step into a yoga class? This workshop with Shelley Herlihy will teach you the building blocks of any yoga (asana) practice. The class is suitable for all bodies and especially geared to those who are new to yoga, but also helpful for those who may already be practicing yoga at home or at a studio but want some extra guidance.  

You will learn how to get into each pose safely with modifications that are just right for YOUR body. You will also learn about the purpose of yoga and its benefits, as well as how to breathe in yoga (the most important part!). 

Cost is $30, but a sliding scale is available if you cannot pay the whole amount. Space is limited, so register early to save your spot! 

Yoga Pose

Menopause Yoga Series

Sunday, August 6th & Sunday, August 13th 
$95 for both sessions

Calling all women in the perimenopause & menopause stage of Life. If you are experiencing the myriad of symptoms related to menopause- sleep disturbances, mood swings, hot flashes, brain fog, & physical changes - this is the program for you. Led by Shelley Herlihy, a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and a registered nurse, Shelley will share techniques such as yoga asana, pranayama,
and meditation to help holistically alleviate these symptoms, all in a
safe space with other women in the same transitional stage of life!

This workshop will take place over the course of two Sundays--August 6th and August 13th, 2023. In person or on zoom--you choose. And if you cannot make both Sunday classes, you can catch up by watching the video. 

Come join Shelley and other women to uplift each other during this weird, challenging, and beautiful transition in our lives.

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