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Angry Bodies:
Yoga & Exploration of Anger & the Feminine

Saturday, September 24

By the time they’re in preschool, toddlers believe anger is normal for boys and abnormal for girls. By 5 years old, girls are told to use a “nice” voice three times more often than boys. By age 10, girls around the world believe they are weak, less brave than boys, and in need of protection. What we’re taught about anger has everything to do with our self-expression and who we become. Join Katie Langley for her Angry Bodies class at Sattva, where we'll explore the myths we’ve been taught about femininity and anger, the consequences of unacknowledged rage on the body, and start to engage our bodies and breath to transform our rage into our superpower. All bodies and levels welcome, but this workshop is designed for women and anyone conditioned as women.


Sound Meditation

October 7, 2022 @ 7pm 

Join Alan Kuhl on a journey of sound and healing through the use of many different overtone instruments such as Singing Bowls and Gongs, as well as through the use of mantra meditation. Expect to be immersed in sound, relax on your mat, and explore what is Here.

Tickets are $25, are nonrefundable, and must be purchased in advance. Limited spaces are available. Please bring a mat, a cushion, and anything else you might need to be comfortable.

Chopping Vegetables

Ayurveda: Nutrition & Pot Luck

Sunday, October 30th
$55 (early bird, pre-register by October 21), or $80 (full price)

Let's "break bread" together! While Ayurveda is an ancient science of living, the joy of learning in community makes it so that the experience is no longer clinical, but rather organic, experiential, and fun. Join Anjali Sunita at Sattva for an Ayurvedic Nutrition workshop where we learn about the different qualities of foods from an Ayurvedic perspective and a tailored approach to nourishment. We will learn in multiple styles from lecture to group exercises, culminating in a celebratory potluck lunch together. Bring any cooked (not raw), vegetarian food like vegetables, grains, stews, soups, or pulses. We will also avoid fruits for this meal. Bring enough for yourself and a few others to choose from as we learn about delicious food combinations, spices, and methods of cooking for your constitutional needs, in a relaxed community environment. 

No background in Ayurveda? Anjali will send you a free introductory video of basic concepts to wet your tastebuds and spark your love of learning this ancient science from the Indian subcontinent.