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Sacred Women's Circle

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

A sacred space for women, to honor the moon and ourselves, offered by guest teacher Connie Viglietti. This self-care practice creates a joyful community and bonding experience, but it also kindles a remembrance and awakening within each of us. The cycle of the moon acts as a mirror, conjuring us to reconnect with our own individual and collective cycles and rhythms as women. Witness and be witnessed.  

What to expect: Connie creates a very comfortable environment to share and let down your hair. Each circle will have a theme that we will creatively connect with to spark conversation and inspiration. We may meditate, journal, move our bodies, experience sound and energy healing, play with divination and connect through various exercises. You will leave the circle of women feeling nourished and empowered.

What to bring: Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.  We will sit on the floor on provided floor pillows. There are chairs if you are more comfortable. Please bring a journal and a pen.

Space is limited, sign up today! 

Restorative Yoga with Sound

Friday, April 14, 2023

Our friend and guest teacher, Steph Cucina, will be offering a night of relaxation on your mat: some restful yoga poses and a sound immersion while you enjoy your restorative yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga, new to sound healing, or a seasoned practitioner, you are welcome to explore and enjoy the sounds of healing on your mat.

Space is limited so register early. Tickets are $25 and nonrefundable. Please bring a mat, a blanket, and anything else you may need to be comfortable. 

Child's Pose

Sound Meditation

Friday, May 5, 2023


Join Alan Kuhl on a journey of sound and healing through the use of many different overtone instruments such as Singing Bowls and Gongs, as well as through the use of mantra meditation. Expect to be immersed in sound, relax on your mat, and explore what is Here.

Tickets are $25, are nonrefundable, and must be purchased in advance. Limited spaces are available. Please bring a mat, a cushion, and anything else you might need to be comfortable.

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