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Tai Chi

Full Moon Release Ceremony

Friday, May 24, 2024  


Treat yourself to an evening of information as well as transformation! The full moon is a time of heightened and often intense energy. We often aren’t even aware of the full effect the moon has on our minds as well as our bodies and spirits. Come take this opportunity to learn not only how and why the moon has these affects but also how to work with it! Together we’ll learn how to use the moon’s energy to support us on a rejuvenating journey of letting go, with intention setting, with sharing, and through using techniques like pranayama and sound meditation.

Questions? Email OR just use the link to register below. All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable.

Full Moon
Tai Chi

Qigong Meditation

Sunday, June 9, 2024 (Monthly, 2nd Sunday of Each Month

$10, adults only

All Qigong practice has a meditative quality.  In these monthly 1/2 hour Qigong meditations at Sattva, you will experience a Qigong seated meditation with a particular focus that changes each month.  Most often these meditations will be based in Wisdom Healing Qigong.


Katherine Allen states it well "It is possible for us to take responsibility for our own state of mind: to calm it, improve it and create a more positive reality.  Meditation produces a state of deep inner relaxation, while at the same time stabilizing the mind and creating stronger Qi, or life force.  In addition, meditation encourages personal and spiritual growth.  It has a positive and balancing effect on a person's mental state and relieves conditions such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and depression, all of which contribute to a multitude of medical conditions.  Meditation can also improve memory, confidence, insight, mental focus, mental clarity and possibly longevity."


These monthly meditations are a good way to experience a part of the way of Qigong to see if you might be interested in further exploration of Qigong, beginning with the "Intro to Qigong" 4-week series at Sattva. These sessions can be engaged in seated on the floor or a chair.  


Adults only. Questions? Email Tammy at Or just click the link to register below!

Tai Chi

Humming for Radiance: Cultivating Health and Happiness

Friday, June 14, 2024


So often we turn to sources outside of ourselves for guidance and healing and yet, we have so much healing potential with our own breath and voice!  A simple practice can ignite within you the ability to bring balance, and tone your cells to healthful states.

Join Heather of Seraph Sound Sanctuary for this workshop to experience how a humming practice can be beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical and well-being.  We will start with some vocal toning to tune in acutely to the vibrations sensed in our bodies with different sounds. Heather will then guide participants in a gentle breath awareness exercise before we explore how humming in community can uplift us and support radiating our light.

In this workshop we will go over the health benefits of humming, be guided through a simple, yet powerful humming practice, engage with each other in community and more!

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Tai Chi

Laughter Meditation

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Adults only

Meditation is not only a way to still the mind, it holds the beautiful essence of bringing us into the Love in our Hearts.  Yogis and Yoginis of ancient times knew that laughter is a priceless gift capable of bringing us to equanimity.  Laughter, that is, for no reason other than the enjoyment of laughter.  In this session, Tammy Bray will lead us with just a 1/2 hour of this practice to overcome any uncomfortableness one may have in giving this experience a try.  While seated, we use laughter as a way to work with our breath and our energy levels, and taking time to pause and notice how we feel inside as we laugh our way to health.  So come for fun for the health of it, and health for the fun of it!  Yes, laughter has many health benefits...naturally increases serotonin and dopamine levels, ability to lower blood pressure, oxygenates the blood, strengthens the immune system, produces fun social interaction, improves attitude, and so much more. 

Please be aware of your own physical conditions/limitations, as this will stimulate your heart rate and oxygen levels.

Tai Chi

Restorative Yoga w/ Sound Healing

June 28, 2024


Our friend and guest teacher, Steph Cucina, will be offering a night of relaxation on your mat: some restful yoga poses and a sound immersion while you enjoy your restorative yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga, new to sound healing, or a seasoned practitioner, you are welcome to explore and enjoy the sounds of healing on your mat.


Space is limited so register early. Tickets are $35 and nonrefundable. Please dress in layers, and bring a mat and anything else you may need to feel comfortable. 

Questions? Email OR just use the link to register below. All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable.

Child's Pose
Tai Chi

The Path of Love: A Night of Kirtan w/ Shelley

August 17. 2024

Spend an intimate evening with Shelley Herlihy, yoga teacher, mantra artist and Bhakta.

Immerse yourself in Bhakti Yoga...hearing the stories of devotion, meeting some of the deities, chanting the chants and joining our voices in the joyful practice of Kirtan. No experience necessary, just bring yourself and an open heart!  

Questions? Email Shelley at Or just click the link to register below. 

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