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Who We Are

Meet Our Teachers


Megan Grandinetti

Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

Sattva founder Megan has been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years, and a teacher of yoga since 2013. Her love of and devotion to the practice of yoga and meditation led her down a path of self-discovery, travel, and a zeal for working with the body as a means of helping students transcend the tricks of the mind. Megan offers Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Yin Yoga and Meditation.


Shelley Herlihy

Yoga Teacher & Bhakti Yogi

Shelley Herlihy is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and has been offering gentle and hatha based yoga classes to the community in York for years. A dedicated Bhakti Yoga practitioner, Shelley includes breathwork and mantra into her classes, infusing them with joy and peaceful vibrations.


Angela Conlon

Yoga Teacher

Angela has been practicing various forms of yoga since 2014, and she found Ashtanga Yoga in 2018. Initially drawn to yoga as a compliment to her active lifestyle, she came to love the practice because it helped her recover from multiple injuries and develop a more respectful relationship with her body. Always eager to learn more, she participated in a year-long yoga apprenticeship with Megan in 2021, and she is excited to help others discover the physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga. Angela teaches Ashtanga Yoga alongside Megan, and she offers Moon Day Flow classes. 


Alicia Jones

Yoga Teacher

Alicia has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2018. She came to the practice to allow her body to recover from other physical activities, but she soon learned that she craved the healing, strengthening and mind benefits of Ashtanga more than she wanted to be at the gym. With a desire to deepen her practice, she joined Megan for a year-long apprenticeship, beginning in 2021, and is excited to share her love of the practice with new students and seasoned practitioners. Alicia teaches Ashtanga alongside Megan, and she offers Teen Yoga Camps in the summers.


Gabi Szabo-Carney

Yoga Teacher

Physical activity has always been a part of Gabi’s life but when she came to yoga, she noticed that there was much more to the practice than just the movement and toning of the body.Yoga has helped her handle the general aches and pains of daily life, navigate the stresses of motherhood, working and has helped keep Gabi grounded when the swirl of it all creates instability. Gabi’s teaching is rooted in connecting the breath to movements and letting go of tensions, she has practiced yoga since 2005 and has been teaching classes since 2012.


Alan Kuhl

Sound Healing Practitioner & Musician

Alan has over 15 years practicing, studying, and performing music. After being on a path of addiction and depression, Alan found the correlation between sound and healing through the study and art of yoga/meditation. “Bhakti and Nada Yoga are my new drugs and rock & roll”.  Applying these practices for his own personal healing, growth, and transformation, he now presents these healing modalities to communities and rehabilitation centers in the area and through online classes. Alan believes in the power of sound and energy to be the fundamental component to all well being. “We are energy, we are vibration, all of life is music.”

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Tammy Bray

Yoga, Qigong & Meditation Teacher
Reiki Master

Exploring is a central theme to my life.  It fills my tapestry with many beautiful colors and it is part of my balance in life.  For me, whether my interest bubbles up from the inside or something on the “outside” is intriguing, it’s all one and the same as it speaks from my Soul.  I feel the nudge, “go ahead, see what it’s about”.


Through my explorations, threads are provided that weave my experiences through my life. My tapestry includes lover of nature, dancer, drummer, gardener, sojourner, yoga student/teacher, spiritual companion, therapist/counselor, traveler, Reiki master, healer, bringer of Laughter and light-heartedness, soul artist, cultural explorer, Qigong teacher/practitioner and so much more.


Craig Snyder

Yoga Teacher & Lifetime Golfer

If Craig had to choose only one physical activity in life that brings him joy, it would be golf. Second to that, it would be yoga–both practicing and sharing it with people of all backgrounds, abilities, and disabilities. For many years, Craig was an average golfer, with a handicap of 18+.  Once he reached a time in life when he could devote more time to his game, his body rebelled–knee replacement, multiple shoulder surgeries, and nagging age-related aches and pains. Every time he made a stride forward in his golf game, he was set back by injury. 


Enter yoga. Craig started to work with a more mature body of yoga students, as well as people with serious mobility issues and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease. Through this new body of students to teach, Craig began to refine his yoga and mobility classes to be more like functional mobility training, helping folks make big progress through small adjustments to daily movements and building strength and balance. What he found, by happy accident, was that he began to play golf more consistently, without injury. He began to drive the ball farther. He could play multiple times per week, even multiple times per day, without needing ice or a cortisone shot. And Craig’s current handicap, at age 62, is 3.9, with an average drive distance of 234.

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